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You want me to read a football novel???

30 Jan

Well….yes, and it’s called LOVE, FOOTBALL AND OTHER CONTACT SPORTS. According to the book jacket, “love and football are just the tip of the iceberg in this poignant and raucously funny series of interconnected stories.” Set in small-town Wisconsin, the stories follow a group of football players, their girls, their friends and their enemies through the four years of high school. Author Alden Carter, who always writes convincingly of Midwest teens, is one of my favorites. Don’t miss this one – and then go back and read GROWING SEASON and BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE. Nancy


Submerse yourself in Victorian London

24 Jan

How can I describe The Meaning of Night: A Confession?
A force of nature, perhaps? It pulled me along like the tide…just one chapter, I’d think – an hour later I’d come up for air and shake the fog shrouded London scene from my head. Author Michael Cox has written a rich story of obsession and murder filled with twists and turns and a satisfying ending.

I could not stop reading – despite the fact the main character, Edward Glyver, admits to a cold-blooded murder on the first page. But Edward is a fascinating character and I found myself liking him, despite his many flaws. I wanted to know what compelled him to do what he did on that first page and I think you will, too. Kathy B

The Sopranos not your cuppa? Check out Monarch of the Glen (DVD series)

22 Jan

The BBC television series Monarch of the Glen was photographed in the Scottish Highlands, and the actors who make up the extended family at the Glenbogle estate include standouts Susan Hampshire and Alistair McKenzie. For the McKenzies, family conflict is present, but on a kinder gentler level than that in the Sopranos family. British actors Richard Briers and Julian Fellowes who play the laird Hector and neighbor Kilwillie are personal favorites. This comedy drama provides entertainment, escape and armchair travel, for those of us who won’t be visiting the real Ardverikie Estate in Scotland soon.


iPod essential artist

8 Jan

If you are adding musical artists to your new Nano, and you like folk, gospel, blues, or the jazz standards, check out one of the Library CDs recorded by the late Eva Cassidy. Although she is not easily pigeonholed in any one of these musical categories, her music is shelved in the Jazz section of CD collection. Listening to the CDs Imagine, Eva by Heart, or Songbird will provide a tapestry of her musical talents There is nothing standard in any Eva Cassidy styling of a song – from “Fever” to Fields of Gold” to “Wade in the Water”; her singular voice defies description. Beth

The Library also owns a biography of the late singer, Eva Cassidy: Songbird by Rob Burly – Call number: 782.4092 C273b.Eva C