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Beverly Connor does it again…

23 Mar

deadpastDead Past, the newest Diane Fallon Forensic Investigation mystery by Beverly Connor, keeps you guessing until the end.  The story opens with a bang as a meth lab in an apartment building basement explodes.  As the police order an evacuation of the closest homes, including Diane’s, she encounters a gun-toting student missing his right hand.  The suspense builds as Diane and her team start to identify the bodies, unsuspecting students at a party in an apartment above the meth lab, and gather evidence about the explosion to help solve this crime … or has more than one crime been committed?  How many cases is Diane working on?  Will you fiqure it out before Diane does?  Another engrossing mystery in a great series.  Renee 


The Coulter story continues…

23 Mar

sunkissedLarge animal veterinarian Tucker Coulter meets Samantha Harrigan when they both come to the aid of an abused horse at a county rodeo in Sun Kissed by Catherine Anderson.  Samantha, a horse breeder and trainer with four older brothers, needs Tucker’s help as an enemy from her past threatens her farm.  I like how the author brings her characters to life and enriches their lives with close ties to their family.  One of my favorite scenes in the novel is Tucker’s encounter with his fifteen-month-old niece.  These are people with strong family ties and morals.  I hope you enjoy meeting the Coulters and the Harrigans as much as I did in this wonderful romance.  Renee

An alternate Earth where men are in short supply!

13 Mar

Wen Spencer’s A Brother’s Price takes you to an alternate Earth where the population is ninety percent female and men are too valuable to have any freedom. Jerin Whistler, whose mothers are respected gentry, is coming of age and wants to marry well. The course of his life, and that of his family, is changed when he risks his life to save an unknown soldier, female of course. I enjoyed the alternative social structure where men have more than one wife, take care of the home and raise the many children. There’s a little bit of everything – mystery, romance, adventure – to keep the story moving. You care about Jerin and his family and want them to survive and prosper. I enjoyed this book so much I read all the others by this author. Renee

There’s more than one kind of ghost story.

8 Mar

Memories prove just as haunting as ghosts in The Keep, an imaginative but creepy novel by Jennifer Egan.

In castles, the keep was the inner stronghold – the last place of refuge when defending a castle. It proves an apt metaphor as the novel’s characters try to keep the past and their mistakes from destroying them.

When Danny and Howard, two estranged cousins, meet in a crumbling old German castle, the past can no longer be kept out. It returns, bringing with it a reminder of the terrible wrong done by Danny to Howard when they were teens. All this is connected to a prisoner with a violent past and his writing teacher, who develop an oddly touching relationship. Each story is compelling and how they are related gradually becomes clear.

The almost gothic atmosphere with the castle looming in the background is wonderful, and I loved the way the author ties both stories together. Kathy B