Beverly Connor does it again…

23 Mar

deadpastDead Past, the newest Diane Fallon Forensic Investigation mystery by Beverly Connor, keeps you guessing until the end.  The story opens with a bang as a meth lab in an apartment building basement explodes.  As the police order an evacuation of the closest homes, including Diane’s, she encounters a gun-toting student missing his right hand.  The suspense builds as Diane and her team start to identify the bodies, unsuspecting students at a party in an apartment above the meth lab, and gather evidence about the explosion to help solve this crime … or has more than one crime been committed?  How many cases is Diane working on?  Will you fiqure it out before Diane does?  Another engrossing mystery in a great series.  Renee 


2 Responses to “Beverly Connor does it again…”

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